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"Curing cancer naturally"

1. Ketosis

the link below will give you the abstract of this article, but the full text is 40 bucks, unless you already have a membership. there are tons of other free articles though, full text 

2. ROS creators

ROS stands for reactive oxygen species... i learn as i go

a. frankincense oil

b. oil of oregano

c. black walnut extract (since it's apparently antihelminthic, maybe it's like that stuff they're doing clinical trials on right now) ... 3 hours later, i have what i was looking for and hey whaddayaknow, this whole repurposed-medication thing has been going on for some time 


Dr. Axe

antihelminthic means it kills parasites like heartworms


Everyone loves to hate them. But remember what they are here for. Not just to waste taxpayer dollars, OSHA lives and breathes safety. The S and H stand for safety and health. Just give a listen to Lydia by Slaid Cleaves and you may gain a newfound appreciation for the safety culture we enjoy in 'Merica in 2018.

When you're finished with Lydia, make sure you listen to Breakfast In Hell.

On another note, THE EPA is also hated by many. So you may get that there's a theme with me. Okay I agree with Jim Rohn, we are feeding one fat goose. When you are finished being squirreled by your anger/outrage/righteous indignation over the whole cra cra situation, take a gander at celebrating the Lord's goodness and provision.

Agencies like OSHA and the EPA, while very expensive, are necessary evils in this dark dark world. Adam was placed in the garden of Eden to tend to it, right? Yes, Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden for insubordination, but that did not absolve them OR US of our duty to care for everything we can see smell taste or touch.

i don't know what goes here, nothing maybe


(i need a link - story about a man who was fitted with a 3D printed prosthesis for his face)

When I first saw this story I thought "oh wow, what a lucky guy!". But there was a picture of him pre-cancer and it made me think - I wonder if it makes him sad to think about what he lost.

I hope he knows he is an inspiration to a lot of people!