Physics Phun

Webnode is great y'all. I can share screenshots and links to my Youtube videos here. And now that I figured out how to share files with you, I can post links here so that you can download these files. 

Most of what I have to share right now are Excel files. I am fortunate to have Office 365, but in order to open an Excel file, all you need is either Google Sheets or Excel Online, both of which are free.

Here are some files I would like to share.


Formula Mass Calculator

an Excel file that calculates the mass of a compound if you know its formula

See a video about this file on my YouTube channel

How to build your own formula mass calculator in Excel Part 1

How to build your own formula mass calculator in Excel Part 2

How to build your own formula mass calculator in Excel Part 3 (coming soon... yah right)

Some screenshots:

the periodic table I found online. it has more columns that I chopped off in this photo. the Excel VLOOKUP function can make use of data that is in this format.

the calculator - on the tab called calculate, where else. there are lots of apps that do the same thing. but by building this yourself, you get to learn some Excel, you avoid pop up ads, and you hopefully understand how to calculate formula mass better

Some more fun stuff that you need to get the formula right

Tables of polyatomic ions and their charges

Math fun too

This is a file I made in Excel for practicing times tables. The quiz tab has cells for you to enter your answers. They are supposed to turn green if they are correct. Still messing around with my different file reader options and conditional formatting. I'm still not entirely sure, where the issue lies, but if you open this with Google sheets, all your numbers you enter on the quiz tab will be black, regardless of whether they are right or not. If you open this file with Excel Online, you should be able to see that correct answers turn green when you hit enter, and wrong answers stay black.

Some screenshots:

this file needs more work so only one screenshot so far. the answers are supposed to turn green if correct.

Cheap RV Living - that's a great channel. Here is a video from them.

hey guess what! more stuff