no i did not go to school for my degree in seedology. so this is my amateur attempt to find and collect various seed types, and propagate plants from seed. for photos on propagating from cuttings, you'll just have to wait till i do that cuz right now im busy with seeds!

If you didn't buy it, it's a "weed"

What is a weed? ... depends on who you ask, what they're trying to grow and why, which way the wind is blowing, ..... anyway this is a journal of my seed finding escapades

When i was in the hospital in 2018, my Omie bought me this plant. It's a begonia. In central Texas where I am at, this thing is like always in bloom it seems.

You can keep it from getting all "leggy", AND you can grow another plant from cuttings, maybe there are some good videos about growing begonias from cuttings. I like it cuz it makes a pretty splash of color on the front porch. 

Sometimes you gotta splurge and treat yourself and walk into Lowe's like you own the place, drop down 20 bucks like the big spender you are,

and then sometimes you have more fun and save a few bucks by going on "nature walks" - ie taking seeds you find that you don't have to trespass to get, taking photos of your escapades, planting your seeds, and seeing what you can grow!

I took this photo when it was still nice and cool, like in March or so. The birds were all too happy to help me with last season's pecan crop.

But i got to thinking, "hey, i should have a seed collection". Cuz i like free stuff, and if i put in a little sweat equity, maybe i can find some.

This plant here, i cant even remember what it's called. Maybe my gardening buddies can remember. I would ask my dad again, but an hour later, i am an expert on this plant and have more information about it than i ever dreamt possible. Plus, I am at that point where I say "no no, don't tell me!" cuz i want to figure it out all by myself.

The only thing I remember is it settles your stomach.

So, I looked around at all the tools i had, gloves. scissors, ... shoes

A hat. I needed a hat.

So I borrowed my mom's

My friend and I browsed around at a local flea market and I found just the thing

A hat