Following Torah


Acts 7:7,17-35;
Hebrews 11:23-27;
Romans 9:14-17; 5:3; 12:12;
1Corinthians 3:11-15;
2Corinthians 6:14-7:1;
1Thessalonians 1:10; 5:9;
Revelation 6:17; 7:2-3; 18:1-8

sister Judy Is 5:25

lev 18:12 vs ex 6:20


rev 16:36 blood

rev 16:13 frogs

ps 105:29-30

ps 78:44,45

num 25:7 phineas

ex 5:2


ex 8:8 ask your magicians! sister page

ex 9:9 rev 16:2 sores

ex 6:  14:17: gal 3:  gen 12:3

every 3rd plague comes without warning

ez 38:22 rain fire sulfur many nations

is 2:12+ 

only 24 verses LXX esword ex 9

ezekiel 28 is 11:12


jer yhvh our righteousness

ez 36:28

shachah: to bow downOriginal Word: שָׁחָה
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: shachah
Phonetic Spelling: (shaw-khaw')
Definition: to bow down 

4352 proskynéō (from 4314 /prós, "towards" and kyneo, "to kiss") - properly, to kiss the ground when prostrating before a superior; to worship, ready "to fall down/prostrate oneself to adore on one's knees" (DNTT); to "do obeisance" (BAGD).

["The basic meaning of 4352 (proskynéō), in the opinion of most scholars, is to kiss. . . . On Egyptian reliefs worshipers are represented with outstretched hand throwing a kiss to (pros-) the deity" (DNTT, 2, 875,876).

4352 (proskyneō) has been (metaphorically) described as "the kissing-ground" between believers (the Bride) and Christ (the heavenly Bridegroom). While this is true, 4352 (proskynéō) suggests the willingness to make all necessary physical gestures of obeisance.]

Dictionaryo·bei·sance/ōˈbāsəns,əˈbāsəns,ōˈbēsəns,əˈbēsns/Learn to pronouncenoun

  1. deferential respect."they paid obeisance to the Prince"Similar:respecthomageworshipadorationreverencevenerationrespectfulnesshonorsubmissiondeference
    • a gesture expressing deferential respect, such as a bow or curtsy.plural noun: obeisances"she made a deep obeisance"


study guide) 

 ------> pseudoepicripha eg 5 macabbees 

NRSV has apocrypha

Jasher ...

NG support team studies Jasher exposed, with professor jospeh dan

E.W. Bullinger 70 or 75


'Follow Torah'?

Is that like follow-the-leader? What does it mean to 'follow Torah', as a gentile in 'Merica, in 2018? (disclaimer: there may be non-torah-observant information found by following the links below!)


begadkefat ... aleph beit ... get it from the internet copy and paste

Torah and Prophet Pearls

This is a link to a print-friendly version (aka a link for cheapskates like me) that is at Nehemiah's Wall -

This digital pdf has links to Nehemiah' website that you can click on! I didn't make the links, they were already there :)

For the teachings in mp3 format, visit Nehemiah's website.

Here is a link to a print-friendly version of a Wikipedia article I made about the Parashah (4 pages, no pictures). Since all the weekly readings have names that I can't pronounce, I thought it would be great to know what they mean. This edited Wikipedia article has links, and the names of the weekly readings in Hebrew

Dr. Roy Blizzard talks about idioms. He should have told my joke. It only works in Spanish:

        "Que va con una pata?"

        "Un pato"


        English translation - 

        "What goes with a foot?"

        "A duck"

        ..... crickets......

these charts may come in handy

Plant the Seed

bloggity blog blog

salt and light yall, everybody's watching. or not, because you're just like everybody else, so why should they?

as the world falls apart around me, i am so tempted to react with my witty sarcasm (snark? whatever happened to that term? i have plenty of snark left, anyone need some? snark for sale, yall! 50% off!)

but if i do, then i am just as sarcastic - although funny at times - as everyone else. so if Yah wants me to be salt and light, how can i do that if i just let the snark fly? answer is, i can't .....

its funny, i am kind of "in competition with" others whose laid back style and lack of sarcasm creates a very nice platform for whatever they present. don't get me wrong, i don't wish to compete with anybody - on the contrary, it makes Yah so happy to see His creation getting along, and it makes Him extra happy when people bring glory and honor to His name. but it makes you think - how brightly is my light shining today, in this current situation? while it is "above my pay grade" to save anyone's soul, Yah does want me to help plant the seed of truth, or water where it has been planted, in other words further the process and not choke the truth out like a bunch of weeds - i don't want to be a stumbling block but a light in a dark world

bloggity blog blog

yall are wonderful, thank you for reading


"split hoof and chews the cud" - clean eating laws from Torah coming soon

here is some other stuff that needs to go with Health stuff

silver vs bacteria

silver vs viruses

other natural solutions

The Upper Room Conspiracy 

transcript (adapted from Youtube autogenerate in English)


What is a "TOBY", you ask? My friend Todd told me this one, and it stands for Torah Observant Believer in Yeshua. Pretty catchy, eh?

The Name of God in Gospel Manuscripts - Shabbat Night Live - 4/20/18 

and here's a new one for me:


TorahObservant MessianicBeliever OfYeshua'sSalvation